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Brian Cleeve 2001

Beloved, do you wish to describe the Real World? Yes. For me to write the description for others who are trying to follow the Path of Obedience? Yes. You have given me many dreams that You told me were of the Real World – almost all of them gray, an atmosphere of sadness leading to despair. Only a few were of an opposite kind, filled with color and joy. Did both kinds belong to the Real World, seeming to range from hell to heaven? Yes.

In both there were “landscapes”, intensely real and physical. But while all the gray, Hellish dreams took place in city streets, the Heavenly visions were of countrysides, Alpine valleys, bathed in a golden, magical light. But in both cases there were either no other people, or at the most very few, one or two. Only in one Hellish dream I remember seeing a great number of people, shuffling along like a column of slaves or prisoners chained together.

In that same dream I also saw four people in a basement room, one an intended victim and three torturers dressed as surgeons, evidently preparing to castrate him, after which they would deliver him to the slave barracks and the long column of prisoners. And now I remember one other dream with a number of people in it. There were gray figures creeping in the dust while others walked past them, taking no notice, on their way into what seemed to be a cinema. Afterwards you told me to call the creeping figures “the ash people.” They were on the point of crumbling to ashes.

There were two “vision dreams” that seem to have taken place between these two extremes. In one I saw a young woman dressed in a groom’s uniform striding determinedly away from a vintage Rolls Royce. In the back seat of the Rolls an old lady was sitting quietly, as if she had just sent her chauffeur or servant on an errand and would wait where she was for the servant’s return.
In the second dream I was in a room expecting a visitor. She came and when I embraced her I had a sensation of immense strength. I felt, or said, that in embracing her I was “coming home”. But when I looked up into her face I saw both pity and irony in her smile, as if to tell me either that that would never come true, or not for a very long while.

One remaining dream involved several people, but only two were awake. Three others were sleeping on the ground. I was with one other person, standing near the sleeping forms, and watching the sky lighten as dawn came.

Very swiftly the sky was a brilliant blue, beyond anything I have ever seen in this world or that. Then I saw a black tower whose top was hidden in white, fleecy clouds, very white against the blue of the sky, the tower menacingly black. Without knowing how I had the information I knew that the “tower” was actually the iron hilt of a gigantic sword, the “sword bridge” of many legends, that leads to Heaven, but only for those capable of walking barefooted along the upturned razor sharp edge of the blade.

In the dream the edge, the blade, was hidden, but I knew it was there, and that it crossed a great chasm at the bottom of which burned the fires of Hell. My reason for being there was to go with the sleepers across that impossible bridge. But while I knew all this in the dream, in my waking life I had never heard of the Sword Bridge, and only came across a reference to it long afterwards.

In other “Heavenly” dreams I was on a boat, slowly moving among islands. In one dream I landed and climbing a hill found myself looking down on a wide, pleasant valley. If there were people there I never saw them although the valley had an air of cultivation. Nor was I aware of any crew on the ships that carried me among the islands, nor when I was finding my way along passages in one of them, looking for my cabin.

In still other dreams, some of them belonging to a period before you made yourself known to me, Beloved, I was walking in different landscapes that I can remember years later. And in two or three I was either traveling in a train, or on a series of platforms in a darkened railway station looking for a train.

Beloved, is it truly your Will that I describe all these dreams to show to other people? Yes. Were they all from you? Yes. In many Hellish ones I was on the way to absolute Despair, lost, unable to find my way back – often to a hotel whose name I didn’t know and in a district I couldn’t describe, if there had been any one to ask. In others I couldn’t find where I had parked my car. In others again I had put down my shoulder bag with my money and papers in it and when I looked to pick it up again it was gone.

Was this me in these dreams? You tell me no, that I was experiencing what unrepentant spirits experience in their long and terrible “moment of death”. There were no flames, no pitch forks or horned devils – only a deepening despair, hopeless attempts to find the way back. To where? I never knew. Is this the complete reality of Hell? No. Are there flames and torments I have never yet been shown? Yes. More terrible than despair? Yes. They include despair, the belief that they can never end.

Can they? Yes. They will.

Do you inflict them? No. All the torments of Hell are self-inflicted. But why should an evil spirit punish itself? Is it not pleased to be evil? Is a man seeing himself eaten from within by maggots pleased with his condition? He tears at his own body, rips the flesh, screams in agony. For evil spirits there is the agony of knowing that one touch of My Mercy can heal them, end their self torment. But they cannot ask for it. The agony of surrender seems worse to them than the torments they are enduring. Because to receive My Mercy they must face the evil they have done, feel remorse for it, admit the vileness of their entire wasted existence. Rather than that they curse Me, rave against Me, and despair in the knowledge that their hatred never touches Me except to move Me to compassion. And that compassion burns them like acid in their self-inflicted wounds.

But it ends at last? All things end at the Gate of Despair. What lies beyond the Gate is worse than all the agonies they have already suffered. In the moment of seeing the darkness coiling beyond the Gateway they too fall to their knees and weep for My Mercy. And receive it.

Are all the dream visions you have shown me glimpses of the Real World? Yes. The Heavenly as well as the Hellish? Both are states of mind. For an evil spirit all the Real World is gray and hideous. No sunlight. No color. Nothing grows. For a blessed spirit all is beautiful.

But is it a place? It has seemed so to me. Streets and fields, buildings and green valleys. Seas and ships and islands. Mountains. Are they all illusion? No. Could one speak sensibly of a geography of the Real World as exists for our Image World? Could one draw a map of it? Yes. And within the Real World are there different races of spirits, the equivalent of the different races in our world? No. Only good spirits and evil ones. More in the power of evil than ever strive to become good. Can you speak of a population of the Real World? Yes. As great as ours? No. Far less. Remember that some spirits make use of many human selves, some control a thousand, even ten thousand, much as a farmer may have herds of cattle, flocks of sheep. His only interest in them is to exploit them for profit.

Is the Real World the same shape as ours, a sphere, a planet circling a Real Sun? No. It is simply a space, that contains, provides what the spirits inhabiting it need. What they desire? No. What I know they need. What may serve to bring them to repentance, to Me.

Is the same true of this Image World? No. Your world is the result of the evil in the Real World. (It is called the Real World because spirits are real, and selves, the human selves that inhabit your world, are only real in so far as a human spirit inhabits them.)

Could nothing in this Image World serve to bring us to repentance? It is only spirits that can repent. A spirit in the Real World or a spirit living a human life with a human self.

Even so the Real World seems so much less real than ours! It does to you because you live in it, at least for a time. Suppose you are traveling in a plane, a ship, a train, a car. For the length of the journey whatever kind of transport is carrying you seems the only reality. Home is somewhere else, vivid in your mind perhaps but far away, almost unreal. Or certainly less real than the airplane, or the ship, or the railway carriage.
But when you return home, the airplane or the bus or the ship are the less-than-real memories in your mind. So it will be when you return to the Real World.

Is Heaven “in the Real World”. Together with Eternal Bliss and Eternal Rest – and also Hell with all its levels? Yes. Except that Hell will come to an end, be cleansed by light, by My Mercy. For every spirit? No. There are many spirits that have ceased to be spirits, ceased to have any spiritual life, have become only selves. I have told you this. Their spirits become formless substance. That returns to Me. Their selves end in self-destruction.

In Heaven do the seas and islands, valleys and mountains, rivers and forests remain? No. What happens to them? Do they vanish like scenery when a play is ended? Yes. Does the entire Real World dissolve, disappear? Yes. It seems sad! So much beauty! What takes its place? I do! I created the beauty in a manner, a form that spirits could see and understand as they grew in repentance.
Evil spirits drained the beauty of its color, its divine substance, turned it to horror, as they are doing with your world.
But I have told you that both Hell and Heaven are states of mind. You find pleasure in a landscape, a sunset, a moon path across a calm sea because they induce in you a particular state of mind. If you were in a vile temper they would have no meaning, no beauty. But if you come to them seeking beauty you will find it, your mind will be filled with it.
The landscape serves as a stimulus to your mind. How much greater the stimulus you can receive from Me?!

Recently you showed me a being with huge wings; a human shape, very slender and small in comparison to the size of the wings. It was flying as if it was playing, enjoying itself enormously, diving and swooping – was this real? Yes. Was it happening in the Real World? No. In the true heaven within Me. I was the air that supported its wings, that surrounded it. I was the light and the sky.

Was the being acting as you wished? Yes. Would it not have been better for it to be seeing the Beatific Vision? It was not only seeing it, it was experiencing it. But selfishly, for its own enjoyment, not Yours? Its joy was My joy. If you give someone a gift is it not your joy to see the pleasure they experience as they open it, use it, love it? Would you prefer they reject the gift and instead sit staring at you? Their pleasure becomes yours and the love between you grows even deeper.

May I ask more about the Real World? Yes. Do spirits in the Real World see us, hear us as we live in this world? Yes. Do they see our world’s color? Not if they are evil. They see your world as gray, colorless as the Real World. Just as some people in your world are incapable of appreciating beauty. All they see in a beautiful painting is its value in money. All they see in a beautiful landscape is it potential as a housing estate or a motor way or a multi-story parking lot. All that evil spirits see in your world is an opportunity to tempt human beings, destroy their innocence. And with it what they know is a beauty created by Me, that they see as an offense. Just as to a mob of revolutionaries a beautiful park created by the king is an offense.
Chop down the trees, the flowering bushes, slaughter the deer as they graze among the trees, burn the Palace, kill and rape the servants

But when they enter this world, to live their human lives, what happens to them then? You told me once that they enter a kind of trance state – the human self becomes the reality while the spirit sleeps? Is this true? No. Did I misunderstand you? Yes. The spirit enters the Image World, much as a man might get into a taxi or a hire-car, telling the driver (the human self) where he wants to be taken.

Does the driver always obey? No. The driver, the human self, has its own desires, might wish to go some where else, to a football match instead of a library. It then depends on a battle of wills. A weak spirit will give in to the self. The human self can take over, drain the spirit of all strength and will to resist.

When an evil spirit enters our world to live a human life and fails to repent, enters its moment of Death and still fails to repent, it sets off on the way to Despair? Yes. Do its fellow evil spirits, still existing in the Real World and waiting to live their own human lives – do they not see what happens to that spirit on its way to despair?Yes.

Do they not realize that the same thing will happen to them unless they repent? No. They don’t believe it, any more than someone sniffing cocaine at a dinner party sees anything in common between him and the junkie he saw lying in a gutter that morning. He does not believe that that could be his future. He is certain he can control his habit. The evil spirit is sure he can control his future. Other, weakly evil spirits may despair, even repent. But he is too strong, his hatred and defiance of God will never allow him to despair.

Does he not see the Gate at the end of the downward Path? It never opens for any spirit to see what lies beyond it until the spirit reaches the Gateway. The evil spirit watching its one-time fellow spirit will only see it fall to its knees, wailing in terror and will despise it the more.

You have told us that every spirit living its human life has two selves – one is its own, “real” self that it created as soon as it became aware of its own existence. The second, lesser self is its human self, that it chose when that human self was conceived – choosing it in order to live its human life?
Yes. You can compare this to your mind, that equals your spirit, your body, that can stand for your real self, formed by your mind, and your self, formed by your mind, and your clothes, that you choose so that you can go about your affairs, and that eventually you will discard. (You can even imagine someone, man or woman, for whom their clothes become more important than anything else, turning into human peacocks, draped in jewels and designer gowns, silk suits and shirts, existing only to be admired or envied by other fools.)

Why do spirits ever enter human life? Because they want to? Or must? They must. They can delay their entry into this world, just as some people in your world delay death by artificial means, or the sheer hunger to continue in life or in terror of death. But just as death is inevitable for them, however long delayed, so is birth into your world for every human spirit. It is the Law – the only universal Law there is, governing the existence of every spirit, requiring it to pass through a series of experiences leading from its Creation to its final ending, whatever it chooses that to be.

Before I ask You, Beloved, about other kinds of spirit – other than human spirits that is – may I ask a last question about “Landscapes,” or more than one question? Yes. For the moment, until you remove them, are the landscapes, the “geography” of the Real World fixed? Are those I have seen in dream-visions in the past still there, unchanged? Yes. Is the same landscape that I remember from such and such a dream, visible to other spirits? Or does each spirit see its own “landscapes”? Except for the different points of view of evil and unrepentant, and repentant spirits, the landscapes are the same for all.

But Beloved, those I have seen were always empty? Why, if other spirits can see and travel in them? Even the ships and trains seemed empty?
In the Hellish dreams you were seeing through the eyes and mind of unrepentant, despairing spirits who cannot see other spirits except on very rare occasions and then only fleetingly with no real communication. In the Heavenly dreams you did meet other beings or spirits. Not many, because not many go to the places I showed you. Remember how few people you met in the High Alps on the holiday I gave you years ago.

You tell me all these landscapes, Hellish and Heavenly, will vanish one day? When time and space end, yes. But within you will they continue to exist, the beauty of Creation? Yes. So that that angelic being flying and diving – I also saw it running very swiftly on a hillside, like a hang glider running to achieve take-off! – as well as flying with you was it also seeing and using a landscape as it flew? Yes.

Then may I now ask about other kinds of spirit, Aliens, Nature Spirits and Spirits of Place? Yes. Are the Alien spirits you have described to us the same beings that use UFO’s to come here? Yes. The same kind of being or spirit. Are they human spirits, like ourselves? Yes and no. In origin, yes. But they use faculties, mental and psychic faculties human beings in your world possess but do not use, because they do not know they exist, or do not know how to develop them for use. Telepathy is an example. Telekinesis another. Remote viewing, the use of other dimensions of Time and Space, teleportation among other abilities.

Will the hybrid Alien – earthling children possess and use all these abilities? Later generations of them will. As it is they already are able to use some of them.

Do you wish us to develop them – either people in general or repenting individuals? No. These abilities need to be accompanied by moral development, maturity. To allow people to use them now would be like giving bombs to children. They would inevitably be misused. Will the hybrid children misuse them? Yes. As their Alien progenitors have already done on their own planets, making them uninhabitable through warfare and ruthless exploitation. Your world is already approaching ecological disaster even without the use of these dormant abilities.

Have people in the past in this world gained knowledge of them and used them? No. Beyond a very limited use of a few of them. But would telekinesis explain the use of enormous stone blocks to build ancient monuments – some blocks weigh as much as 1000 tons! It seems impossible that natural means could have placed them there they are and with such accuracy. Even today it would seem impossible?! No extraordinary means were used. Only patience and skill.

May I now ask about spirits of place? Yes. Are they the “primary” spirits of Creation, those you created before all others? Yes. Are the stars and galaxies their “physical selves” through which they experience Creation? No. But are they in any way connected with them? Yes. The entire Universe forms one body, the visible form of one Being, Lucifer, the Light Bearer, “the Son of God”. In the Fall Lucifer’s Mind divided into many Beings, became possessed by evil thoughts, Pride, Hatred of God, Jealousy of God’s Glory. You may call these thoughts and others, separate Beings, separate Spirits, within Creation.
Together with the evil thoughts there is also remorse, the desire to repent, the longing for my Forgiveness and Love and Mercy. The longing to become the Companion and Lover I intended Him to be. But to become that Lover Lucifer had to achieve Wisdom, learn by experience. Had to experience His own Glory and Beauty without becoming proud, in the belief that He had created it and not I. Within Lucifer, within My Creation there is all the magnificence of the Universe, above all the Beauty of Light. Lucifer is intended to be the light Bearer. I am its Creator.
Lucifer’s agony is the unwillingness to accept this Truth. Part of His tormented Mind would prefer darkness that He creates to the Light that is Mine

Then all spirits of Place are fragments of Lucifer? His tormented and divided thoughts? Yes. And Nature spirits? What are they? Where do they come from? They are Spirits of Place gaining, seizing control of that part of Creation that you call Nature, living creatures, Life, in order to destroy it, to turn it to evil; to turn the Garden of Eden into a jungle, ruled by the Law of the Jungle, kill or be killed. And in so doing to defy and injure Me, to turn the existence of Life into horror, into Hell.

But where then do human spirits come from? From Lucifer. A myriad fragments of Lucifer, like the cells of a human body, each cell with a life of its own, a mind and awareness of its own. This happened, is happening, by My will, in the hope that by their repentance they will bring Lucifer to repentance.

Will Lucifer ever become one again, the Unity of His Being restored by repentance? No. Is His Fall irreversible? No. It will be changed. His unity will now contain Many, of which Jesus is to be the central figure. In that way it becomes true to call Jesus the son of God and the Light Bearer.

Long ago You told us that human spirits, human beings were formed from Nature Spirits by the forces of evil, the innocence of man as an animal, a part of Nature, corrupted by the gift of knowledge, as the story of Adam and Eve illustrates. Human Beings in Nature are derived from the Primates, the apes. Did, do apes possess spirits? No. They are controlled by Nature Spirits.
When Evil created man from his ancestors – creating him, developing him as a weapon against Me, a weapon designed to blight my Creation with evil, to destroy nature and put an end to all life, including Man’s own life, some of the particles of Lucifer became “human spirits.”

Then they were not created by You Beloved, but by Lucifer? No. All that is Lucifer is My Creation. But I have given Him freedom, Free Will, to use His existence, to use every particle of His Being as He chooses. Not every part of His Being chooses evil, darkness. As I have told you, some desire light, My light, My love, to become My companion, as one and as many, just as I am One and Many.
These are “particles” of Lucifer, that have always desired My love, that never took part in the Fall, never wished to turn away from Me. Lucifer, as I told you, has always been divided in Mind, in His tormented thoughts. Other “particles” of Lucifer, although fallen wish to repent – as you know. But for them to succeed, to escape from evil, from Lucifer’s dark despair and hatred, to become what Lucifer is intended to be, My Light Bearer, they need My help.
They need My Help and must ask for it, invite Me to enter their lives, enter My Fallen Creation. To achieve this they must learn Obedience to My Will, and the meaning of My Law and Justice, My Love and Mercy. To learn and understand all this they need examples, against which to measure their own depths of understanding, their own spiritual progress in repentance.

These examples reveal to them the Paths to God, the ways to come to Me, to Heaven. The examples must come from among themselves, must be human beings like themselves, who reach out to Me with passionate longing, ready to endure all that evil can and will use against them, every temptation, every fear of darkness.

Here is your role and challenge, to become one of these exemplary beings in your perfect obedience, as you follow The Path of Obedience. Your Obedience helps to build a bridge to Heaven across the Gulf created by the Fall; opens a Gateway through which repentant spirits can escape from Evil, from Darkness into the Light. Your Obedience can reach far back in time – that is in reality a landscape in which there is no Past or Future but only Now – to give strength and hope to all repentant spirits in every century, every generation.



You might imagine that the Real World must be more complex than the picture of it given in the preceding chapter. And in a sense it is far more complex, almost infinitely so, because every spirit that exists in it, passes through it on its way from and to Eternity, creates its own Real Word. There is not one world, as there is here, but many, each created by a spirit’s fears, desires, longings; its worship of God or of its self.

But these many worlds follow, must follow and conform to simple patterns. Just as your own physical world depends for its complexity on your own experiences. Unless you are a world traveller, 90% of our world consists for you, of glimpses provided by TV programmes. Your true world is where you live and work, and play. The office or factory. Your own house and a few neighbours’ and relatives’ houses. The tennis club. A favourite restaurant. Where you walk your dog.

It would be unrecognisable to a Chinese peasant or a Tuareg nomad in the Sahara. And their worlds, of even greater simplicity than yours, would be unrecognisable to you. Only the Laws if Nature are common to all of us. And those Laws are simple. Obey them or die. And the Laws of the Real World are equally simple. Obey God, or travel down to Despair. There are no alternatives, no middle way. That is the simplicity that the chapter on the Real World has intended to describe.


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