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Brian Cleeve 2002


It seems very strange that the idea that God can be regarded as feminine arouses such hostility. In the long history and prehistory of mankind’s religious beliefs extending over 40,000 years, for three quarters of that immense period men of our kind worshipped a mother goddess.

Even in classical Greece and Rome men of religious sensibility worshipped a feminine aspect of God, either as a female consort to the Supreme Male God, or in other manifestations – sometimes of God as a virgin huntress, Diana or Artemus, or as the Divine Protectress of their city such as Pallas Athene the guardian goddess of Athens, or as Roma Dea the similar guardian spirit of the city of Rome.

And as soon as the Romans encountered the Egyptian Mother Goddess Isis they brought her worship to Rome. Only Judaism and Christianity insisted that God must be wholly masculine. This still seems to me to fly in the face of reason, that the Creator should not be allowed to be seen in the image of a woman who was created by God to be a mother and the Creator of life for each of us. In Hebrew, Eve in the Book of Genesis is the Mother of all Things, that is the meaning of her name, just as Adam means earth.


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